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Making it happen: Practical learning and tips from the five Realising the Value local partner sites

This catalogue of learning forms part of a final package of recommendations and resources from the Realising the Value programme. Over the course of the last 18 months, we have sought to consolidate what is known about person- and community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing and make recommendations on how they can have maximum impact.

While there is significant breadth and variety across person- and community-centred approaches, they are united by a common purpose: to genuinely put people and communities at the heart of health and wellbeing, focusing on what is important to people, what skills and attributes they have and on the role of their family, friends and communities.

The most successful examples of person- and community-centred approaches in practice are those which are developed by people and communities, working with and alongside commissioners and policymakers, to build on existing assets and co-produce solutions that work.

The Realising the Value programme has focused on five approaches in particular, to develop a richer understanding of how they add value, and what works to embed and spread them. In practice, person- and community-centred approaches are often not separate or distinct interventions – for example, peer support can include elements of self-management education and health coaching. However, some distinction has been necessary to enable greater understanding of what they look like and how they work.

As a key part of this work, we have worked with five voluntary community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector organisations as local partner sites, each with a wealth of experience of working with these approaches.

This catalogue of learning has been produced in close collaboration with the sites, drawing on evidence combined with their practical learning and tips to others seeking to get to grips with the practicalities of person- and community-centred approaches.