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Looked After Children

Knowledge, skills and competence of health care staff

Over recent years there has been a significant rise in the number of children in care across the UK. For the majority this is as a result of abuse or neglect. Looked after children and young people have greater mental health problems, as well as developmental and physical health issues such as speech and language problems, bedwetting, co-ordination difficulties and sight problems
HeaIth care staff who work with this group of children and their carers must have the right knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, particularly as access to highly skilled and knowledgeable health practitioners results in improved outcomes, enabling young people to achieve their full potential. In order to achieve the required improvement in outcomes for these vulnerable children and young people, there is a need for dedicated staff working in dedicated roles with looked after children. Such post holders require specific knowledge and skills that are distinct from individuals whose primary focus may be centred on child protection and safeguarding.