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Local Authority Variations in Activity Limitations (disability) for Males and Females, England and Wales 2011

This report describes the variation between local authorities in the way their residents self-assess their day-to-day activities as limited by a health problem or disability for a year or more. Using 2011 Census data in England and Wales, this information can help in assessing social care needs and judging the proportion of the working age population who are likely to be fit for work.

Variations across local authorities inform care funding decisions and workplace adaptations that may be needed to improve the access to the labour market among people with activity restrictions. It can also provide insight into the proportions of the local working age population who are likely to need benefit support because of work limiting health problems or disabilities.

Most people will experience some sort of illness or impairment at some point in their lives, and can broadly be characterised in two groups. Those which do not have a long term effect on day-to- day activities, (for example socialising, going to work and living independently), possibly because of effective treatment of their health condition. And those with long-term health problems or impairments, that restrict their undertaking of day-to-day activities (such as employment, accessing services independently, and performing self-care tasks). Those reporting their activities are limited ‘a lot’ are likely to be in need of regular social care support from other family members, friends or public or voluntary sector services.