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Living through Challenges in Low Income Neighbourhoods: Change, Continuity, Contrast

Final Research Report

This document is the final report of the research project, Living through Change in Challenging Neighbourhoods, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in order to examine, through a mix of research methods, the changing circumstances and experiences of households living in six relatively deprived neighbourhoods across Britain. The research was carried out over three years and sought to develop an understanding of:

- how the experience of households living on low incomes in Britain varies according to space and time;

- the salience of „place‟ in the perceptions, actions and decisions made by different types of household, in different contexts;

- comparisons and contrasts between the experiences of households in deprived neighbourhoods with divergent geographical, social and economic characteristics; and

- the implications of households‟ experiences and perceptions as captured in the research for the assumptions behind policies designed to tackle deprivation at both the household and neighbourhood level.