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The lives of young carers in England: Omnibus survey report

Research report

This research report presents findings of a survey of parents of young carers aged 5 to 17 and, where possible, young carers themselves aged 11 to 17. The survey was conducted across England by Kantar Public1 between July 2015 and February 2016. A further week of fieldwork was conducted in June 2016. A ‘comparison’ survey of families not containing a young carer was conducted in February 2016.

The research forms part of a broader suite of research commissioned by the Department for Education that aims to serve as a baseline study of the lives of young carers in England and to help measure the effectiveness of legislative changes in improving the identification and support of young carers and their families. The research has been conducted in partnership with Professor Jo Aldridge at the Young Carers Research Group, Loughborough University.

Aims and objectives

The survey aimed to add to the evidence already gathered from an earlier qualitative study by quantitatively assessing:

a) the nature of the care and support that young carers are providing;
b) their perceived impact of their caring responsibilities on their own physical and mental health, education and development; and
c) the types of support they are receiving, whether formal or informal.