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The lives of young carers in England: Appendices to research report

A definition of young caring needs to incorporate key dimensions of young caring that are important in academic discourses and in health and social care policy and practice. At the same time, it needs to enable children and young people with complex needs to be identified as young carers (and may themselves also be able to self-identify as young carers). It needs to be concise to be applied effectively in the research context, but it must not be too broad (overlooking the specific dimensions and factors that delineate the young caring experience). It should not, however, be too narrowly focused to the exclusion of particular dimensions of caring that may be important to children and young people themselves who are, or could be, carers and who may have multiple or complex needs.

The research was designed to support the implementation of the Children and Families Act 2014, which requires local authorities to identify young carers and assess their support needs.