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Learning into Practice Project (LiPP): Project report appendices

SCR reports are routinely used to inform improvements to services in the locality where they have been conducted. However, the findings of SCRs also have the potential to drive improvement in other localities. That is, services in one local authority should be able to learn from an SCR that has happened elsewhere, and make pre-emptive improvements to their own services.

The rationale for this piece of work was that SCR findings from across the country are, however, not currently accessible in a form that is specifically targeted to support local improvement work.

This is both in terms of timing – SCR reports are currently only collated on a biennial/triennial basis – and the types of information synthesised from SCR reports.

Our idea was that, to drive improvement activities, local areas should have access to ‘real time’ data about practice problems and their causes, as identified through an ongoing collation of findings from SCR reports. In this workstream, we have aimed to develop and test a method for collating SCR findings that is focused on improvement, and would lend itself to routine, ongoing collation.

In doing so, we had also hoped to create a common category scheme of findings. However, as detailed in the ‘What have we learned’ section below, the analysis in the SCR reports was not sufficiently detailed to allow this.