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Leadership and management strategy update 2008: transforming adult social care

This 2008 update to the original 2004 leadership and management strategy takes full account of the current service and workforce developments that have implications for the leadership and management of social care and integrated services for adults. Key developments in the transformation agenda include the greater emphasis on entrepreneurial skills, the integrated delivery agenda and the growth of social enterprises. Leaders and managers therefore need skills to meet both the challenges of managing current services and to lead the transition to new models of service delivery. Leadership and management development is key to realising the shared vision of Putting People First (DH 2007) and the Common Core Principles to Support Self Care (SfC/SfH 2008).

The business case for investing in high quality leadership and management development is clear. Leaders and managers need to understand their responsibilities and have the right skills to ensure positive outcomes for people who use services, to manage resources effectively and get the very best out of their staff. The costs of having leaders and managers who cannot do this are obvious and will threaten the success and viability of organisations and the overall quality of services.