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Key Data on Adolescence 2013

Adolescence is a fascinating, critical life stage. It is different from the childhood that comes before it and it has important repercussions for the adulthood that follows. Young people passing through adolescence need particular support and special services, especially those who may be in positions of vulnerability. Yet the data on
adolescence are often bundled up with other age groups. The data are also frequently compartmentalised into topics such as youth justice, obesity, or mental health, which may present information in different ways or relate to different age breakdowns. Drawing connections between the topics may be challenging, yet we need to view
adolescence holistically. This is the only way to get an overview of what young people need to reach their full potential and the services that need to be commissioned. Key Data on Adolescence (KDA) brings together all the robust and representative information we can find to get as full an impression as possible of the UK’s current adolescents.