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June 2011 - BASW England Consultation Response to Family Justice Review, Interim Report

BASW recognises that this is an extremely important wholesale review of the family justice system and supports reform of the current structure to ultimately improve the delivery and quality of services to ensure that the most vulnerable children in our society are protected and their welfare needs are met.

Many of the issues raised in this review are of great relevance to social workers in England and Wales; BASW members are involved in both public and private law in terms of local authority social work, guardian ad litems, independent social workers as well as those social workers working in the third sector supporting children and families. The review also focuses on the care planning process and the role of independent reviewing officers of which many of our members are and have strong views on the subject. Finally, a number of our members work in the specialist field of adoption and fostering in the statutory and PVI sector and again are amongst the many groups of interested stakeholders.