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Jimmy Savile NHS investigations: Update on the themes and lessons learnt from NHS investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile

In October 2012, the Secretary of State asked Kate Lampard CBE to provide oversight of the various Savile investigations and assurance that they have been rigorous and robust. He also asked her to produce a lessons learnt report, drawing on the findings from all published investigations and emerging themes.

The lessons learnt report, published on 26 February 2015 by Kate Lampard and Ed Marsden, included 14 recommendations for the NHS, the Department of Health and wider government. In his statement on 26 February, the Secretary of State accepted in principle 13 of the 14 recommendations. This report provides an update on actions taken in response to the 13 recommendations.

Nine of the 14 recommendations were for NHS providers to implement. The chief executives of Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority wrote to all NHS foundation trusts (FTs) and NHS trusts to ask them to read the lessons learnt report and review their current practice against the recommendations. In particular, trusts were asked to:

  •   develop an action plan to identify where additional action is needed against these recommendations;
  •   provide assurance that the necessary action has been taken – or where this is in progress, the date by which it will be completed; and
  •   report back on their proposed actions within three months.

All NHS trusts and all NHS foundation trusts responded. Reassuringly, the vast majority of responses were very detailed and considered, giving us confidence in the level of commitment across the sector to address the issues raised by the Savile investigations and the lessons learnt report. For individual recommendations, at least 80% of providers planned to have implemented them by September 2015. The responses have been collated by Monitor and TDA who have provided an update to the Secretary of State.