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Jan 2012 - Introduction to Mentoring - BASW Mentoring Scheme


The mentor scheme in BASW is a very specific one and has been established to support NQSWs and those about to qualify who have not been able to find employment as a social worker. The 2010 and 2011 cohort of graduates started their degrees when the employment situation was very different. There are various estimates that between a quarter and half of NQSWs are not able to find a job in social work, although the exact numbers is not known.
NQSWs are telling BASW that they want:

  • An opportunity to talk through the career choices open to them and how they may best prioritise their efforts in finding work
  • How to best promote oneself in an application form
  • Advice regarding interview skills, including presentation skills
  • To be able to keep their social work skills and identity alive if not in a social work role
  • Support to keep confidence and motivation going
  • Information about how to access NQSW programmes (This is easier in adults that children’s workforce because Skills for Care are more flexible regarding access to NQSW programme than CWDC – for the latter one must be in a designated social work post)