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IWF Annual Report 2016

Every five minutes we assess a webpage.

Every nine minutes that webpage shows a child being sexually abused.

The IWF Annual Report is designed to be a reference tool to help inform, educate and encourage global action against online child sexual abuse imagery. This is our record of 2016. We are proud of our work.“In celebrating its 20th anniversary the IWF’s mission is as important as ever in delivering a real world impact against those making and sharing images showing the sexual abuse of children.

“It’s a sobering fact that every nine minutes, in the course of their work, the IWF’s analysts encounter a webpage which shows children being sexually abused. A huge debt of gratitude is owed to these committed individuals who carry out this unenviable task. The IWF brings together law enforcement and industry to facilitate the removal of webpages containing child sexual abuse imagery and this work continues to have a real effect in stopping the re-victimisation of those who have been abused.

“This is a global crime which requires a global response and the IWF has been at the centre of a ground-breaking piece of work providing industry with hashes – digital fingerprints - of known abuse images which originate from UK law enforcement’s Child Abuse Image Database (CAID). So far, around 35,000 hashes have been shared leading to webpages containing child sexual abuse imagery being blocked or removed.

“The IWF is a critical player in the WePROTECT Global Alliance to end child sexual exploitation online. I think we can all be proud that other countries look to the IWF as a model of good practice for their own reporting hotlines.”