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Involving people who use services and their carers in the work of the General Social Care Council (2001-12)

Learning report

Involving people who use services in the work of a professional regulator is a hugely important but difficult thing to achieve. As the regulator for the social care workforce in England, the GSCC has sought to put service users at the heart of its work since its inception. As the GSCC will cease to exist from August 2012 we thought that this was an ideal opportunity to share what we have learned in this area with other professional regulators, the social care sector, Government, people who have been involved in the work of professional regulators and those who would like to be involved in the future. This report is one of a number of reports capturing our learning from the past 11 years.

The report starts with some background about the reasons for involving people who use services in the work of social care regulators and how this fitted with the drive within social care towards personalisation and person-centred planning. It goes on to explain how the GSCC worked with other partner bodies to take this agenda forward, what our key achievements were and how we dealt with some of the barriers, both internal and external, to putting people who use services at the heart of what we do. Finally, the report sets out what we have learned from this experience with some learning points for other regulators and other Government organisations who are committed to involving service users in their work.