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Internet Watch Foundation: Annual Report 2015

Our vision is the global elimination of child sexual abuse imagery online

  • We work to make the internet a safer place.
  • We help victims of child sexual abuse worldwide by identifying and removing online images and videos of their abuse.
  • We search for child sexual abuse images and videos and then we have them removed.
  • Our Hotline offers a safe place for the public to report anonymously.
  • We’re a not-for-profit organisation and are supported by the global internet industry and the European Commission.

Online child sexual abuse imagery is a global problem, which demands a global solution. The internet doesn’t respect geographical borders, so we work closely with partners worldwide. They include industry, law enforcement agencies, governments, charities and other hotlines. This helps us to eradicate online images of child sexual abuse as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In 2015, we worked hard to implement emerging technologies to improve the identification and removal of these images. We used our research to help industry and policy-makers make informed decisions. And we’ve employed ever-more innovative tactics and services to reduce online child sexual abuse images, globally. This year, our figures show we’ve worked harder than ever before.