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International childcare comparisons

This report was prepared to support Israel’s Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Innovation Team, supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, in their decisions about childcare provision in their area. It was funded by the Bernard van Leer Foundation.

Since its inception, the Bernard van Leer Foundation has worked in more than 50 countries and invested over half a billion dollars toward their mission: to improve opportunities for young children growing up in circumstances of social and economic disadvantage

We selected ten case studies based on priority areas identified by the team in Tel Aviv-Yafo and the Bernard van Leer Foundation. Most case studies link to several of these priorities. The priority areas are:

► Home-based childcare
► Childcare as a small business
► Multi-purpose use of space
► Workplace childcare
► Reducing provider costs
► Municipal management of childcare

The case studies are not intended to be representative of choices made by different central and local governments, but to provoke thought and discussion. They include both longstanding projects with a significant evidence base, and newer projects which are continuing to develop.