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An Interim Evaluation of the Making Every Adult Matter (MEAM) Coalition

This interim evaluation was commissioned jointly by MEAM and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The brief was to explore the three phases of MEAM’s work since 2009 (policy, practice and implementation) and to answer the following key questions:

o What impact has MEAM had on the development of government policy for people facing multiple needs?
o What impact has MEAM had on local services working across criminal justice, substance misuse, mental health and offending and, in particular, what impact has it had on these services working better together to tackle multiple needs?
o What impact has involvement in MEAM had on the four constituent organisations - Clinks, DrugScope, Homeless Link and Mind - and how is this reflected in their focus and working practices?
o What is the role of the Gulbenkian Foundation in helping to develop and support the MEAM Coalition? Is supporting cross-sector collaborations a helpful way to tackle intractable problems and what learning should be applied to future funding programmes?