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Integration 2020: Scoping research

Report to the Department of Health

‘The Spending Review sets out an ambitious plan so that by 2020 health and social care are integrated across the country. Every part of the country must have a plan for this in 2017, implemented by 2020. Areas will be able to graduate from the existing Better Care Fund (BCF) programme management once they can demonstrate that they have moved beyond its requirements.’

This report presents the findings from a programme of scopingresearch and engagement to better understand what excellent integrated health and social care should look like in 2020; to test out the Integration Standard with national stakeholders and local areas; and to provide feedback and support for further development of the standard. The research, involving engagement with national stakeholders, local areas and people who use health and care services, was undertaken by SCIE on behalf of the Department of Health.

The research will inform the government’s future plans for the further integration of health of social care, including the next phase of the Better Care Fund. This report draws on the following work streams:

1. A rapid evidence scan, focusing on what good integrated care looks like; what role each objective set out in the standard plays in progressing towards integration; and what challenges are associated with each objective.

2. Interviews with stakeholders from across health and social care including, for example, the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Local Government Association, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), NHS providers, the NHS Confederation, Care England, Solace, the United Kingdom Homecare Association and National Voices, about what excellent integrated health and social care should look like in 2020 and to test out the Integration Standard (interviewees listed in Appendix 1).

3. Research with five local case study sites (Dudley, Southampton, Mid- Nottinghamshire, York and Hertfordshire) to explore in greater depth the experiences of local areas with the Integration Standard and the progress they are making towards integration.

4. A workshop, chaired by Lord Michael Bichard, chair of SCIE, and supported by the Policy Lab from the Cabinet Office which brought together experts in health and care policy, stakeholders from across health and social care and stakeholders from the case study sites to inform the emerging research and consider implications for the planning and delivery of this proposed policy initiative.