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Inspiring Impact: The journey to employment

A guide to understanding and measuring what matters for young people

The transition from school to the workplace is a challenging time in young people’s lives. To be prepared for work they need to develop a range of personal assets and skills, and gain experience. They may also need to address issues relating to their personal and family circumstances.

The purpose of this document is to help organisations that work with young people to understand and measure the impact they have on a young person’s journey to employment. It identifies the factors that affect young people’s journeys to work and presents a model that can be used by organisations to help them think about their impact, map the outcomes they aim to achieve, and decide how to structure an evaluation. It also provides a list of tools that can be used to evaluate programmes, though this is not comprehensive.

This guide was produced with input from charities and funders. It is designed for practitioners for whom understanding and measuring impact may be all or part of their job.