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An Inquiry into the Impact of Cyberbullying on Social Media on Children and Young People's Mental Health

Alex Chalk MP, in partnership with YoungMinds and The Children’s Society, has set up an inquiry into the impact of bullying on social media on young people’s mental health.

To inform the inquiry, YoungMinds and The Children’s Society, have carried out a survey of children and young people aged 11-25 to hear about their views and experiences of bullying online.

In addition to the survey, the inquiry will consist of three evidence sessions in the Houses of Parliament. During the evidence sessions, a panel of MPs, Peers and other experts will hear from:

  • children and young people who have been personally affected by online bullying
  • industry experts on the impact of cyberbullying on mental health;
  • representatives from social media companies.

The two charities, along with Alex Chalk MP, will be publishing the results of the inquiry in a report early in 2018.