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In:game abuse

The extent and nature of online bullying within digital gaming environments

Bullying within online gaming environments is a real issue. Previous Ditch the Label research found that young people who experience bullying offline are the most likely to play online games as a way of seeking escapism from the stress and trauma caused by the bullying. This is why Ditch the Label has pioneered digital anti-bullying support online, in partnership with games, such as Habbo, since 2012.

We wanted to join forces with Habbo to better understand the extent and nature of bullying within online games. We believe that everybody should
have freedom of expression wherever they socialise and spend their time - regardless as to whether or not it is online or offline.

Bullying seriously undermines the fun and enjoyment that gamers seek when playing online and we want to understand how we can work together
with partners to combat game-based bullying once and for all.

The survey was conducted within the Habbo game. Over a period of 4 days, we were able to survey 2,515 young people aged 12 - 25 about their experiences of being subjected to, witnessing and perpetrating bullying in online gaming environments.

This report is produced as part of our ‘Gamers Unite for a Better Internet’ campaign, which is a global movement of gamers united by a shared vision of an internet that is fun and free from all types of bullying and malicious trolling.