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Informed Choice? Giving women control of their healthcare

The group has conducted this inquiry as we want to focus on issues that affect huge numbers of women across the UK. We are looking at two conditions that are extremely common, yet have little awareness by both the general public and with healthcare professionals. These conditions have been chosen because we feel that there is progress to be made in empowering women to ensure that they are able to make informed decisions about their own care.

This report hopes to shine a spotlight on fibroids and endometriosis, to raise awareness of these conditions with healthcare professionals and the general public, and to bring about a positive change to ensure women can access better diagnosis and treatment options across the country. The Group thinks
that there are lessons to be learnt that can be replicated across a whole range of women’s health conditions, including polycystic ovary syndrome, prolapse and others.

The Group has called for written evidence from a range of influential stakeholders regarding the current state of the NHS for these conditions, and what recommendations can be taken forwards. The Group has also held an oral evidence session to learn from patients and healthcare professionals about their experiences and what best practice might look like. Furthermore the Group opened an online patient survey and sent out a Freedom of Information request to NHS Trusts to gain additional information.