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Information for NQSWs about the support that BASW can give regarding mentoring for NQSWs who have not been able to find suitable employment.

The reason for BASW creating a mentoring scheme for NQSWs is that BASW wants to support NQSWs who have recently graduated, or are about to graduate and are finding it very difficult to find work as a social worker. The situation of large numbers of NQSWs finding it very difficult to find work has come about very quickly and is mainly a consequence of the recession. NQSWs report that when jobs are advertised the adverts often say that applicants must have a least two years post qualifying experience as a social worker. BASW are of the view that this is a very short sighted view as there are distinct advantages of having a good balance of experienced and NQSWs in a social work team. BASW are raising these issues with employers and policy makers.

The mentors that BASW are providing are social workers who are offering to give help on a voluntary basis in order to help the next generation of social workers. Because of the demand from NQSWs and the limited pool of people who are in a position to give mentoring help we have to put some parameters around what is offered. The parameters will mean that more NQSWs will be able to access support. You should see this mentoring as only one way that you can receive support and you are encouraged to develop a variety of ways in which to access support, including peer support, and networking and demanding support from your universities.