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How do people access and experience home adaptations?

Perspectives from people in later life and practitioners

Written for the Housing Learning and Improvement Network by Philip Hodgson, Dominic Aitken, Cathy Bailey, Gemma Wilson, Linda MacDonald and Craig Wilkinson

This report summarises the findings from recent research conducted on the lived experiences of home adaptations, funded by the Centre for Ageing Better. It draws on the views of both people in later life and practitioners to explore the home adaptations journey, including triggers, access, installation and outcomes.

Given that most older people live in mainstream accommodation and wish to continue living in their current property, the ability to modify one’s home environment to meet changing needs is central to facilitating healthy ageing in place. The report highlights the importance of how personal contexts exhibit influence over each stage of the journey and recommends that delivery of home adaptation services and their future evaluations consider important contextual factors.