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Healthy lives strategy: Resources guide

During 2017, the Health Foundation will begin to implement a long-term strategy that aims to bring about better health for people in the UK (see Healthy lives for people in the UK for more detail).

The aims of the Health Foundation’s strategy are to:
• change the conversation so the focus is on health as an asset, rather than ill health as a burden
• promote national policies that support everyone’s opportunities for a healthy life
• support local action to address variations in people’s opportunities for a healthy life.

The strategy has been developed through extensive formal and informal engagement with multiple stakeholders. This engagement has highlighted that the impact of our strategy will not rely on simply ‘what’ the Foundation chooses to focus on as much as ‘how’ we approach the challenge.

Drawing on the insights gathered so far, we have identified eight themes to guide our strategy to improve people’s health in the UK. Throughout 2017 we will be:
• adopting a social determinants of health approach
• taking a systems approach
• seeing health as an asset
• working across sectors
• using the principles of co-creation
• shifting habits and norms
• building the evidence base
• mobilising wider resources.

In the course of developing the themes that guide our strategy we have come across a number of useful resources and case studies. This document brings them together as background to our thinking, which was also informed by a series of briefing papers prepared by C3 Collaborating for Health. These papers are available at: