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Health, disability and becoming a health and care professional

A guide for disabled people about becoming a health and care professional regulated by the HCPC – includes information for education providers

We are the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). We have written this document to give you more information about disabled people joining the professions that we regulate.

In this guidance, we refer to someone working in one of the 16 health, psychological or social work professions we regulate as a ‘health and care professional’. There is a full list of the professions we currently regulate on page 3.

You may find this document useful if you are:
– a disabled person who is considering becoming a health and care professional;
– a disabled student who is training to become a health and care professional;
– a careers advisor who is giving advice to disabled people;
– working in education and training and making decisions about disabled students applying to an approved programme;
– teaching, supervising or supporting disabled students on approved programmes or practice placements; or
– an occupational health professional making assessments about disabled students.

This is not a full list of people who may be interested in this guide. However, it should help to give you an idea of whether this document will help you.