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Health Charter for Social Care Providers

People with learning disabilites have worse health than the general population. The Confidential Inquiry into Premature Deaths of People with Learning Disabilities found, on average, men die 13 years earlier and women 20 years earlier that the general population. 42% of the deaths considered were premature.

This charter has been developed for adult social care providers and staff who have an important role in helping people access good healthcare and lead a healthy lifestyle.

By signing up to this charter, we pledge to:

• make sure that all staff in the organisation understand and apply the principles of the Mental Capacity Act
• listen to, respect and involve family carers to achieve the best possible outcomes forthe individual
• provide ongoing training to staff on basic health and wellbeing issues including pain recognition and the implications of specific syndromes and health conditions
• provide information on health and wellbeing that is accessible to people with a learning disability
• make sure support is available from someone who can, if necessary, advocate onbehalf of the individual so that people can attend and benefit from all types of health appointments
• promote access to screening tests by:
    − helping staff and the people we support to understand their importance
    − working in partnership with clinical services to ensure support is available before, during and after screening checks
• tackle over-medication by following the actions set out in the Stopping Over-Medication of People with a Learning Disability, Autism or Both (STOMP) pledge forsocial care.