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Health and Care Quality Systems in practice

A guide for local leaders

Improving the quality of the health and care for our citizens is a priority for us all and there are many organisations at national, regional and local level that have responsibilities for oversight and improvement of quality. We have produced this guide for system leaders to navigate this sometimes complex landscape and to ensure that they understand how they can make the most impact on driving up quality. The provider landscape is also changing as the drive for integration, personalisation and choice continues.

As chair of my local health and wellbeing board and Chair of the Local Government Association’s (LGA) Community Wellbeing Board, I understand that vital contribution of regulators, providers and advisory groups in local oversight of quality. They can use their networks and contacts with communities – especially those that are least often heard – to provide the local health and care system with a unique user perspective on the quality of local services.

The health and care system in England has recently been through significant change at a national and local level, as have those elements focussed on quality. Whilst the component parts of the system to assure quality are now beginning to settle, understanding how the system works can still be quite challenging. We hope this guide will help leaders in the system and their partners understand their role in the local systems and maximise their effectiveness.