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Have your Say: Young people’s perspectives about their online rights and responsibilities

Safer Internet Day 2013 is the tenth anniversary of Safer Internet Day. I am delighted to celebrate the past ten years of Safer Internet Day by launching the results of the ‘Have your Say’ survey. This is the UK’s largest ever study of young people’s attitudes toward online rights and responsibilities. Working to keep children and young people safe on the internet is at the heart of the UK Safer Internet Centre. In all our work, whether it is providing advice for professionals working with children and young people through the Professional’s Online Safety Helpline, removing online images of child abuse through the IWF, or working with children and young people in schools on a daily basis across the UK, we are committed to working to pursue an internet that is great and safe for all children and young people.

Listening to the voice of children and young people, and understanding their experiences and concerns is key to this. We have kept children and young people at the centre of our Safer Internet Day activities, and for Safer Internet Day 2013 we have been delighted to engage with over 24,000 children and young people from across the UK in hearing what they think their online rights and responsibilities are, as well as finding out more about their experiences online.