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Gypsy Travellers in Scotland A resource for the media

Media coverage has a real impact on individual people’s lives. There have been many specific incidents where erroneous reporting of Gypsy Traveller issues in Scotland has resulted in people, including children, being harassed, bullied and even beaten up. Equally, balanced media coverage can help to foster greater understanding between and within communities and encourage action to address the issues that impact on both Gypsy Travellers and the settled community. Gypsy Travellers

We ourselves do not represent any particular group or groups. Our remit is to support the eradication of inequalities and to encourage good race relations between all groups. We have produced this leaflet as a resource for journalists and others about Gypsy Travellers. It contains facts and figures about the key issues that affect Gypsy Travellers, advice about terminology and how to handle issues of concern, and contact details for organisations who work with Gypsy Travellers in Scotland. Obviously it is impossible to produce a complete guide to any ethnic group, but in putting this leaflet together we have spoken to individual Gypsy Travellers and have tried to reflect their voices within it. We do not want to dissuade journalists from covering stories about Gypsy Travellers but rather to encourage a more accurate, fair, open and inclusive discourse about the issues involved.