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Growing the Care Market

Turning a demographic challenge into an economic opportunity

As our population ages and people live longer with serious disability and long-term conditions, rising care needs are putting increasing pressure on families and health and social care services.

Social care funding has simply not kept pace with rapidly growing demand, and social care services often fail to deliver the support families need. Existing services struggle to match the way families live and work, and so often do not provide the help vital to managing competing priorities including childcare, work, social lives and care for older and disabled relatives.

So, as policy makers grapple with the vexed question of how to pay for care, we also need a fundamental shift in how we approach care provision. Instead of seeing solutions which only ‘manage the problem’ of growing demand, we need to turn the care challenge on its head and see it as an opportunity to reshape how our public services, society and economy fit around the changing shape of families.