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Green Paper for Adult Social Care in England

Ahead of the Green Paper, due in Summer 2018, BASW has set out its position about what the Green Paper needs to achieve.

Drawing on the social work perspective on social care and with particular reference to the role of social work, we highlight key messages for the Green Paper. We call for the Green Paper to further embed the principles and rights that are set out in law, to promote full and equal citizenship for older people, and to recognise the importance of wellbeing alongside health so that integration delivers both. 

Social work ethics of human rights and social justice should be at the heart of adult social care. We want skilled practitioners, including social workers, to be able to make professional judgements about necessary and sufficient care and support, in partnership with people who need care and support. This requires sustainable funding and good quality of services. 

The Green Paper is about social care for older people, their carers and families. However, it matters to all: to younger adults who also need social care, for whom the same principles should apply; to all those who interact with and care about people who may need care and support; and to the whole of our society, since how we support people to have a dignified and hopeful life is a test of how ethical our society is. We all hope to have wellbeing throughout our life, and this Green Paper matters to all of our futures. Our vision for adult social care is that: All adults and carers have access to quality and effective support when they need it that ensures full and equal citizenship through upholding rights, including the right to independent living. This support should be sustainable and make the best use of resources.  We will discuss our aims further with BASW members and others over coming months, and seek to influence and collaborate to achieve these aims.

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