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Government Response to the Health and Social Care Committee's Inquiry into Prison Health

Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Careby Command of Her Majesty

1.1 On 1 November 2018, the Health and Social Care Committee published its report on the effectiveness of prisons and prison healthcare services in meeting the physical, mental health and social care needs of prisoners.

1.2 The Government would like to thank the Committee for the time it has given to the significant topic of healthcare in prisons and the insightful conclusions of the report. The issues raised are of great importance and we remain committed to supporting the delivery of high-quality health services in prisons and achieving better health outcomes for prisoners.

1.3 This document sets out the Government’s response to the recommendations of the report. It acknowledges where more can be done to better meet the needs of those in our care. It also sets out improvements that are currently underway to tackle key challenges our prisons are facing, and the commitment of the health and justice partnership to improving health provision in English prisons.