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Good practice by Local Safeguarding Children Boards

This report highlights elements of good practice in the operation of Local Safeguarding Children Boards. It aims to support the development of ‘learning systems’, by encouraging all Local Safeguarding Children Boards to reflect on their practice and plan for improvement.

This report shows that there is a lot of evidence of good practice in Local Safeguarding Children Boards. Many can demonstrate that they are learning from previous reviews and are paying particular attention to improving their practice in those areas which reviews found to be generally weaker across boards.

In the best examples, Local Safeguarding Children Boards have focused on a programme of initiatives, as part of a limited number of priorities, in order to respond to local development needs. These priorities are regularly reviewed and take account of learning from other boards and national research. They focus on strategic decisions and operational improvements, identifying areas for improvement using a combination of local knowledge, audit activity, national research and relevant data.