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Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2014

Each year, Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey takes a snapshot of what girls and young women think on a wide range of issues. The survey gives girls’ and young women’s voices a platform to be heard and taken into account at the highest levels of decision-making across the UK. It empowers girls to speak out on the issues that really matter to them and affect their lives today.

This major survey, now in its sixth year, canvasses the opinions of over 1,200 girls and young women aged 7 to 21, inside and outside guiding across the UK. The findings in 2014 build on those from 2013 and previous years. They give an insight into how girls feel about the specific and emerging pressures facing them today, and what these mean for their well-being and opportunities in life. They also show what changes girls support and would like to see in specific areas to improve their lives and those of their peers.

Girlguiding’s youth panel, Advocate, leads the development of the survey each year and analyses the results. See the Afterword for what its members say about what this year’s findings tell us about our society – and how we all need to respond. All the results from this and previous surveys can be found on Girlguiding’s website,