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Getting On Together - a Community Cohesion Strategy for Wales

Wales needs strong, resilient and harmonious communities that can respond effectively to the increasing pace and scale of economic, social and cultural change in the 21st Century.

The purpose of this Strategy is to support service providers such as local authorities and their partners to develop a strategic approach to promoting and maintaining cohesion in their local areas. The Strategy encourages action which is appropriate and is proportionate to local circumstances, and reflects Welsh priorities by providing guidance on issues that we know can impact on local cohesion.

In this Strategy the term ‘community’ itself can mean many different things, for example describing the people living alongside each other in a residential area, (but who may have little interaction). It can also relate to particular groups of people who come together because of shared interest and experience. The definition of community can also be wider to involve regional and national identities.

Community cohesion as a strategic aim can only be achieved through practical support across a broad range of policy and service delivery. This Strategy focuses on those policy and service delivery areas that research has shown can have a significant impact on how well a community gets on together.

• Housing;
• Learning;
• Communication;
• Promoting Equality and Social Inclusion; and
• Preventing Violent Extremism and Strengthening Community Cohesion.

There is a broad range of activity - reflecting the reality that cohesion is everyone’s responsibility. This Strategy emphasises the value of local partnerships, the important role of organisations that are working at community level and readily acknowledges that the engagement of people living in communities is vital. A community which works well together in these ways is also a community which is likely to be resilient when external challenges arise or internal tensions develop.