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Getting it right for families

A review of integrated systems and promising practicre in the eatly years

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) was established to support local agencies and national policy makers to tackle the root causes of problems for children and young people, rather than waiting to address issues once they are embedded.

We want to drive a culture change from late to Early Intervention to ensure that when children, young people and their families face challenges and need help, they can easily access the support before the issue escalates. There is now a consensus that to make this happen sectors need to work together, share data and information about family needs, and manage and deliver services so that families receive a consistent and integrated support package.

EIF provides advice to local authorities (LAs), Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs), NHS organisations, the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) and government on the key drivers of poor outcomes for children and young people, and what has been shown to work to tackle them. We explore the challenges that lie behind making Early Intervention happen on the ground, including issues such as integrated delivery of services and effective strategic planning.

This report is part of a programme of work on early years carried out by EIF. It aims to provide practical examples for local partnerships of integrated systems for Early Intervention across health and local authorities from conception to age five. It identifies areas of good and promising practice across different dimensions of integration, primarily drawn from our 20 Pioneering Early Intervention Places (EIPs). It discusses common issues and challenges in implementing integrated systems and illustrates how they are being addressed.

The report draws on information from three main sources:

  • nformation from the 20 EIPs
  • n-depth ‘deep dives’ into three EIPs (Islington, Hertfordshire and Swindon) carried out by researchers at ResearchAbility
  • earning from a series of themed workshops.