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Future of social care inspection: consultation outcome and next steps

1. This report sets out the responses to Ofsted’s ‘Future of social care inspection’ consultation. Between 28 June and 9 September 2016, we sought the views of all interested parties through an initial online consultation and various engagement events. Since then, we have continued to engage with stakeholders, giving them further details of our proposals and receiving feedback from them so that inspections deliver high-quality evaluations of the progress and experiences of children and young people.

2. Ofsted is determined to reform inspection so that our inspections continue to meet the demands of an evolving social care sector. The reforms that we will introduce from April 20171 and January 20182 will ensure that our inspections are of high quality and of value to children, families, the profession and the wider public, are proportionate and have greatest impact where it is needed most.

3. We were pleased that we received broad support for our proposals from the sector for a new approach to the inspection of local authority children’s services (ILACS) and for the introduction of a social care common inspection framework (SCCIF). The sections that follow in this report are a summary of issues raised in response to the proposals of the consultation and how Ofsted will address them.

4. We would like to thank all those who have fed back during this consultation period and who have taken part in our pilot inspections. We will continue to work closely with those involved in providing services to children to ensure that our inspections focus on the right things and give children, parents, carers, providers and the commissioners of services the information that they need.