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Future Care: Care and technology in the 21st century

How we manage care and caring has started to reach the public and political consciousness as one of the greatest challenges facing 21st century societies, as pressing as global recession and climate change.

As we grapple with meeting this challenge in times of austerity, reform of the social care system must be accompanied by innovation which matches this century’s demographic imperatives, and creates modern care solutions.

Just as online tools, social media and ‘apps’ have revolutionised how many of us plan our lives, socialise and enjoy entertainment – technology has the capacity to bring about a radical shift in care services and change how families care for ill, frail or disabled loved ones alongside work, family, community and social lives. We have an opportunity to shift perceptions away from simply seeing an ageing population and rapidly increasing demand as a challenge for public services.

A growing and increasingly technology-savvy older population, and younger disabled people finding ways in which technology can change their lives, present huge opportunities for innovation and growth in the technology market.