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Fulfilled Lives, Supportive Communities Commissioning Framework Guidance and Good Practice

Social care commissioning involves making decisions about what services are required to respond to the social care needs of children and young people in need
and adults in Wales. It also involves making decisions about the capacity, location, cost and quality of services together with how and who will deliver them. Commissioning encompasses both the planning and procurement of services. It is about fulfilling the statutory responsibilities of the council, and shaping services to
respond to the social care needs of people both now and in the future.

Commissioning should be underpinned by the core values of social care - promotin independence and personal development and enabling service users to keep control of their lives within the wider context of promoting social inclusion, sustainability and delivering value. It must ensure support for carers and have a primary concern for high quality social care services. There is nothing more crucial for local authorities to get right in delivering quality services. Social care commissioning needs to be driven by councillors, chief officers and senior managers.

This guidance encourages local authorities and their partners to concentrate their efforts on ensuring that commissioning by local authorities really does help to
achieve the aspirations of Fulfilled lives, Supportive Communities for all the people of Wales.