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Foster Care in England

A Review for the Department for Education by Sir Martin Narey and Mark Owers

We hope this review offers a thorough critique of foster care in England with realistic and affordable recommendations. I feel confident that if those recommendations are accepted, fostering, which is already a success, will be much improved.

We have not investigated every fostering-related issue. But we have probed every issue which we were urged to review by carers, professionals or children and young people. The exception to that is the vital issue of mental health support for children in care, including fostered children. Much work was taking place on this issue as we conducted our review, and there was little to be gained by our simultaneously reviewing the subject. Suffice to say we are encouraged by the publication of the Transforming children and young people's mental health provision green paper in early December 2017, and in particular the commitment to pilot a new 4-week waiting time for children and young people’s mental health services. Achieving that will be particularly vital for all children in care, not just those being fostered.