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Five Year Forward View for Mental Health: One Year On

The recommendations of the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health to transform health services were accepted by all the NHS bodies, and in July 2016 together they
published a detailed implementation plan for achieving its ambitions. Implementing the Five Year Forward View for Mental Healthi laid out a blueprint for the delivery of the main objectives of the strategy, setting clear expectations for different services and the outcomes anticipated by 2020/21.

The programme to deliver the Five Year Forward View for Mental Healthii is complex and contains numerous different elements. It is a long-term agenda that requires
concerted effort from multiple organisations to input and invest over time to achieve its objectives. However, whilst most outcomes look towards 2020/21 for their delivery, the implementation plan makes clear the need for early action and collective focus to lay the foundations for a new approach to services and care. This document provides an outline of the progress made in the first year of this programme.