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First Year – First Step: and How to Make it

A Guide through the Most Perilous Time of Single Parenting

Not every book is fun to read, just as not every life is peaceful and happy. This book recounts the stories of seven women who resolved their unfortunate situations with the help of our organisation, as well as other people and organisations. They managed to leave their drug addicted or violent husbands, to regain control over their debts, to find jobs – simply to begin a new and happier life. Eager to help other people in similar situations, we wrote this book to offer examples how to get over the most critical period. Each story is appended with comments from psychologists, family therapists, lawyers or financial advisors. Kind words might be comforting, but some situations require more efficient assistance. The solution must be systematic. If the reading of this book helps at least one woman, we shall consider it a success. Not every book is fun to read. But each of these seven stories has got a happy ending. And that gives us the feeling of accomplishment and encouragement to go on.