Independents listed within the directory are responsible for the legal and ethical accountability of their practice. BASW does not endorse any particular individual or business listed within the Directory and is not liable for the conduct and or services rendered from those individuals. It is important that you make your own enquiries and satisfy yourself that the person or business you choose is the right one for the task you have in mind.

BASW Independents are professionals who adhere to The BASW Code of Ethics and Code of Ethics Addendum, additional guidance for independent social workers. Clients are expected to conduct business in a way that would not deviate the practice of BASW Independents in such a way to compromise their adherence to The BASW Code of Ethics and Code of Ethics Addendum.

As professionals, BASW Independents have a remit to provide an impartial professional opinion based on the evidence and in line with their professional duties and relevant legislation and policy. Sometimes this opinion may not be quite what you had hoped to hear and it is important to understand that if this does happen, you will still be expected to pay for that opinion and for the work done.

This Directory is for genuine use only. By accepting these terms, you are agreeing to not use the details held within the database maliciously, for direct marketing nor for bulk agency recruitment/ promotions. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within the Directory, details are individually submitted and content subject to change, therefore accuracy cannot be guaranteed.