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FGM Direct Work Toolkit

How to do direct work on FGM with children, young people, parents and carers

The aim of this guide and session pack is to provide social workers with the National FGM Centre’s session plans to enable them to carry out direct work with families and girls at risk of FGM/who have undergone FGM. All sessions are aimed at children 7 years and older.

The activity plans are underpinned with a human rights based approach and the independent evaluator reported that they “…put protective factors in place, by building the child resilience through direct work, safety planning with the parent(s)/carer(s)”.. (p24). The first two sessions can be used as precursors to exploring any topic around safeguarding with children, for example domestic abuse and child sexual exploitation. It is important for the sessions to also be delivered to boys and men in the family as their participation is crucial to ending FGM.