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Evidence Based Guidelines for Nursing and Social Care on eHealth Services: Clinical Practice - COPD

The current document presents evidence-based guidelines to engage policy-makers, health and social care professionals, citizens and industry in the design and deployment of eHealth services at local, regional, national and European level based on identified practice examples collected through the ENS4Care thematic network from countries across the European Union (EU).

This guideline builds on the work of the ENS4Care network work stream ‘Clinical practice’ and is concerned with eHealth services to support clinical practice with an individual citizen, a family or a population in primary or secondary health and social care settings.

It focuses on the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that nurses and social workers can use to contribute to the delivery of high quality clinical care to citizens in their daily practice. Examples are telehealth and telecare that support the treatment, care and follow up of citizens with COPD, diabetes, dementia, mental disorder, wounds etc. Another focus is to promote the use of ICT in organisational settings to efficiently exchange information between different professionals and citizens, and ensure that services are properly coordinated and responsive to changes in citizens’ requirements. It is important to look at the necessary organisational changes and clarification as regards roles and responsibilities when implementing ICT (Checkland et al., 2008; Grant et al., 2009; Sorknaes, 2013).

The present document outlines key steps and considerations for the deployment of ICT at different levels to secure high-quality and safe clinical practice at the point of service delivery. It considers the deployment process, key factors that can act as barriers or facilitators, outcomes and implications, and relevant EU policy and legal context. It shares the combined knowledge of the ENS4Care partners from across the EU and invites all relevant stakeholders to consider this when deploying eHealth solutions for health and social care.