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Evaluation of the Right2BCared4 Pilots: Final report

Right2BCared4 is an approach underpinned by a set of key principles intended to improve outcomes for young people making the transition from care to adulthood; it is not a single approach or intervention. It has allowed pilot authorities to focus their efforts on improving practice to promote the welfare of young people making the transition from care to adulthood and has contributed to a cultural shift in professional attitudes concerning care planning and decision-making for young people aged 16 years old and over. Authorities have been proactive in encouraging young people to remain looked after until legal adulthood and there has been an increase in the percentage of young people remaining in care until the age of 18. The pilot had also increased local authorities’ willingness to provide appropriate accommodation to meet the needs of this group (although the availability of placements and young people’s wishes and feelings meant that this was not without challenges).