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An Evaluation of Getting on Together: The Community Cohesion Strategy for Wales

This report details findings to emerge from a two year evaluation of the delivery and impact of Getting on Together, the Community Cohesion Strategy for Wales. Getting on Together was launched in December 2009 with the aim of shaping and supporting local efforts to improve community cohesion across Wales. A Community Cohesion Unit was established in the Welsh Government and charged with overseeing delivery of the strategy. This involved setting out a framework supporting a partnership approach to community cohesion at the local level, as well as promoting a more joined-up approach to cohesion across departmental boundaries within the Welsh Government. Local authorities were identified as best placed to take the lead on promoting community cohesion at the local level.
An evaluation of Getting on Together was commissioned by the Welsh Government in summer 2010 and was charged with:

• informing understanding of community cohesion issues in different parts of Wales, within and between different communities, and factors strengthening and weakening cohesion
• conducting a process evaluation of the implementation of the strategy
• conducting an outcome evaluation of the impact of the strategy in the first two years
• giving advice on more effective implementation of the strategy, monitoring and evaluation.

The evaluation was carried out by a team from the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University.