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Evaluation of the Family Learning Intervention Programme (FLIP)

Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme Evaluation Report 27

The Family Learning Intervention Programme (FLIP) is described as ‘an innovative model for the delivery of edge of care interventions’ which focuses on ‘working with families to strengthen their long-term resilience, raise aspiration, and empower and enable parents to parent effectively’. The overall ambition behind FLIP is to improve outcomes for adolescents on the edge of care, through supporting them to remain with their families or within a stable foster placement. It is important to note that FLIP is an innovative programme that has only been in operation since August 2015. During the period of this evaluation it has been operating as an interim model, rather than as that outlined in its original business case. FLIP has faced some significant barriers in moving towards its full implementation including delays in identifying and purchasing an appropriate property to act as the residential setting for interventions; delays in securing appropriate planning permission for the residential setting; and negative media coverage and local opposition relating to the residential setting. As of September 2016, a FLIP House manager was in place, and senior FLIP staff have indicated that the residential setting may accept its first cohort of families by the end of 2016.