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The European health report 2015. Targets and beyond – Reaching new frontiers in evidence. Highlights

The WHO Regional Office for Europe publishes its flagship publication, the European health report, every three years. This publication presents highlights from the 2015 European health report. Its main aims are:

- to report on progress towards the Health 2020 targets in the Region so far; and
- to highlight new frontiers in health information and evidence that need to be addressed in the coming years to optimize health monitoring for Health 2020 and beyond, including the measurement of subjective well-being.

The 53 Member States in the WHO European Region adopted Health 2020 in 2012 as the new European health policy framework. It supports action across government and society to improve the health and well-being of populations, reduce health inequities, strengthen public health and ensure people-centred health systems that are universal, equitable, sustainable and of high quality.

In 2013, Member States approved a framework with targets and indicators to monitor the implementation and impact of Health 2020, and agreed that 2010 would be the baseline for evaluating progress towards achieving its six targets.

1. Reduce premature mortality in Europe.
2. Increase life expectancy in Europe.
3. Reduce inequities in health in Europe.
4. Enhance the well-being of the European population.
5. Move towards universal health coverage.
6. Establish national targets set by Member States.